Are you ready for the next big Quake?

If an earthquake shook you tomorrow, would you be ready? Here you will find the basic information to help you prepare yourself, family, furry friends and home for the next big quake. So we can all Ride the Quake in safety.


    How to Act

    What to do before, during and after a quake.


    Stock up on Supplies

    Everything you need to prepare your emergency kits


    Community Resources

    Find local aid stations, and learn from past experiences.

Alaska Gets Rocked

In the area where the earthquake occurred, the Pacific plate is moving north at a rate of over six centimeters per year, pushing under the lighter and thus covering the North American plate.

Stay Safe During a Quake

Preparation, planning, and practice are key to surviving an earthquake. Learn what actions you can take to prepare for an earthquake and what you can do to help keep yourself and your loved ones safe during and after an earthquake.

The Science of Earthquakes - USGS

These are smaller earthquakes that happen in the same place as the larger earthquake that follows.